ShopBack officially launches regional hub at Pasir Panjang

SINGAPORE – A home-grown online company that provides cashback deals for shoppers opened its regional headquarters at Pasir Panjang on Friday (July 1).

ShopBack houses its 200 local staff at the facility, called Campus by ShopBack.

Chief executive and co-founder Henry Chan said: “Over the past eight years, we have observed the evolution of our business, from just an online platform to an omni-channel shopping ecosystem.

“With the launch of our headquarters here, we seek to … enhance the offerings provided by partnering merchants to bring our services to more shoppers in the region.”

ShopBack has 900 employees globally and now has a presence in 10 markets after it acquired hoolah, a “buy now pay later” platform in Hong Kong.

The company said it has hired more than 300 staff across the region in the past six months to fuel its growth in financial services.

It also wants to take on new workers in payments, compliance and engineering-related roles before the end of this year.

Co-founder Joel Leong added that the company wants to expand its offerings in its existing markets.

For example, users in Singapore can choose a pay-later option on the ShopBack app, besides its cashback and payment offerings.

“What we want to do is really to make the user flow very seamless for the customer,” said Mr Leong.

“So after we lead them over to the merchant, we also want to allow them to be able to pay and… allow them to split that up into multiple transactions, and that allows them to maybe buy higher ticket items that previously they couldn’t have bought.”

ShopBack’s new office, which occupies a refurbished school building site managed by the Singapore Land Authority, was designed with features such as Y-shaped cluster seating for staff collaboration. It also has an assembly area for company town halls and after-work events and a community library housing books donated by employees.

The firm has racked up around $3.5 billion in annual sales for 10,000 online and in-store merchants across its 10 markets.

It also recently established a data science research and development hub under an innovation scheme by the Economic Development Board, with 50 data scientists, software engineers and other experts.