ST HeadSTart: 4-day week in S’pore? Some firms have begun to offer this option

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Good morning! It’s the start of a new month, and one of the stories this week looks at what you need to do when you start a job search. 

In this week’s askST Jobs, manpower correspondent Calvin Yang outlines what you need to do ahead of a job interview, whether it’s done remotely or in-person. One tip is to prepare some questions to ask the interviewer, on topics such as the work culture, and to make the interview seem like a two-way conversation. 

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Also, invest editor Tan Ooi Boon highlights what can happen when top employees at a company jump ship and start their own businesses. He notes how a recent court ruling made several important observations on work ethics, including how not all business information that an employee has to keep confidential amounts to trade secrets. 

Meanwhile, the latest Work Talk podcast discusses whether the four-day work week could become the standard for workers in Singapore, with some early movers starting to offer this option. Senior correspondent Krist Boo also considers if the four-day week could be transformational for women in the workforce.