S’pore doing its best to scale up Covid-19 operations, make sure all patients well cared for: PM Lee

SINGAPORE – Singapore is doing its best to scale up its Covid-19 operations amid growing case numbers, to ensure all patients are well cared for, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a Facebook post on Wednesday (Sep 22).

“I know this is a stressful time for those with family members who have Covid-19,” he observed, adding that some people had written to him to express their frustrations with the current situation.

In recent weeks, many people have been reporting long lag times between testing positive and being conveyed to a hospital or community care facility for further care.

Others had said they were unable to contact the Health Ministry (MOH) to ask what they should do after testing positive.

In his post, PM Lee said he visited the Covid-19 Case Management Task Group Operations (CMTG) office on Tuesday.

This group administers the entire process for patients, including assigning them to appropriate care facilities, arranging for transport, and briefing them on what they need to do, especially if they are recovering at home.

“The CMTG have a very demanding task,” Mr Lee wrote. “They operate 24/7 in a rapidly changing situation. Case numbers are still growing, and we are doing our best to scale up our operations, and make sure all patients are well cared for.”

He added that fully-vaccinated patients are now encouraged to recover at home where possible, especially if their symptoms are mild.

“It will also reduce demand for hospital beds, so that the seriously ill ones can get the treatment they need.”


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