Straits Times readers send in tributes to healthcare workers on Covid-19 front lines

SINGAPORE – One reader sent in a poem to The Straits Times’ Instagram account to show appreciation to Singapore’s healthcare workers while others said it with drawing or a song.

The submissions were in response to a call to send in tributes to doctors, nurses, food delivery workers and others battling the Covid-19 pandemic on the front lines.

Since the #stcovidheroes campaign was launched on Instagram last Saturday (Oct 8), readers have sent in 45 unique submissions.

Some of the tributes came from household names like national swimmer Quah Ting Wen, 29, who wrote a tribute to her father, a doctor.

She said: “When the pandemic hit last year, it was hard watching him go to work, knowing that every day he went into the clinic was another opportunity for him to be exposed to the virus.”

There were also times that Ms Quah got angry with him for putting himself at risk of contracting the virus, but ultimately she was proud of him for his service, she said.

She said: “This post is dedicated to my dad, as well as so many other brave front-line workers, to tell them how proud I am of them for working tirelessly alongside one another to help our country stay as healthy as possible during our pandemic.”

Housewife Linda Juwono, 45, posted a piece of artwork adorned with flowers and dedicated to healthcare workers.

In her tribute, she said: “I know words alone aren’t enough to express our appreciation to those who have worked hard and risked their lives serving in various ways during this pandemic.

“Nevertheless, here’s my thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who have kept things running smoothly in Singapore.”

Mrs Juwono added that she hopes for healthcare workers to be fairly rewarded for their hard work, and for people to treat healthcare workers with kindness should they need their services.

Another reader sent in a poem to the #stcovidheroes campaign, with a plea to remember that healthcare workers are also human.

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In a poem titled Don’t Call Us Heroes, Ms Teo Ying Xin urged people to think of healthcare workers not just as heroes but also as people with their own needs, and who also had loved ones.

She wrote: “Don’t call us heroes because we need sleep, we need rest, we need fresh air too.”

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