AsiaPresswire Unlocks Philippines Ecosystem for DeFi and NFT Disruptors Through Targeted Media Resonance Solutions

Manila, Philippines – AsiaPresswire, the leading press release distribution provider, has introduced tailored outreach solutions to help decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) companies capture expansion opportunities in one of Asia’s highest-growth blockchain markets.

“We empower DeFi and NFT innovators to influence reputation and drive local adoption in the Philippines through messaging resonance with localized communities nationwide,” said Arron Wong, AsiaPresswire Chief Strategy Officer. 

He explains their proprietary methodology delivers extensive visibility and credibility building:

AI Writing and Translation 

AsiaPresswire’s GTP-PRHelper AI instantly drafts and translates Philippines-focused press releases on complex topics like decentralized trading, tokenization and digital wallets – saving hours otherwise spent on expert manual creation.

Niche Market Expert Targeting

Advanced algorithms specifically identify relevant cryptocurrency, metaverse and web3 publications and journalists nationwide to submit releases based on circulation, seniority and audience – guaranteeing resonance.

Direct Blockchain Media Partners 

Releases directly reach 500+ collaborating crypto, technology and internet finance portals based on categories like DAOs, sustainability, regulations and disruptive models tailored specifically for Philippine adoption drivers.  

Tailored Consultation

Furthermore, AsiaPresswire’s team helps refine messaging and data narratives based on insights into distinct blockchain user preferences and pain points nationwide – overcoming localization barriers.

Ongoing Portal Expansion

New publishing partners focused on gaming integration, startup funding and mass adoption verticals within blockchain continue signing on to expand specialist exposure.

Wong explains that their integrated distribution and optimization methodology enables both global and local DeFi and NFT companies to penetrate intricate Philippines headwinds through earned media calibrated for maximum community resonance versus broad blasting.

“Our customers shorten the expertise curve by 50% to achieve critical localized validity and relationship building that immediately unlocks ecosytem synergies. Client examples highlight 500% faster user onboarding and transaction volumes from our offering,” Wong emphasized.

One case study client, MetaMatch, placed executive interviews in CoinDesk Philippines, BitPinas and other top crypto outlets within months while boosting Telegram community size by 2X through AsiaPresswire’s tailored targeting for immediate adoption upside. 

Their country head notes “As pioneers, we compete in obscurity without the brand equity of global giants. AsiaPresswire’s unrivaled native press release writing proficiency, niche targeting and local publisher access finally gives us the visibility to anchor local ecosystem development.”

Industry analysts forecast explosive growth in Philippine blockchain innovation, funding and usage indicators as digital asset adoption inflection approaches. 

“We empower the next generation of DeFi and NFT trailblazers to succeed where early movers failed by equipping them with specialized earned media capabilities to pass localized trial by fire at unprecedented speed,” concludes Wong.

He invites interested decentralized finance and non-fungible token companies to learn more about expert messaging resonance solutions purpose-built to accelerate Asia Pacific community expansion at

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